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This Contemporary Apartment Pops With Turquoise Accents

Posted on March 20 2016

This Contemporary Apartment Pops With Turquoise Accents

This fresh modern home is the work of the interior design superstars at Polish creative agency PLASTERLINA. The project, titled U.S.S. Home, is an exciting concept for a housing project based in Kraków. The interior makes fantastic use of smooth white surfaces and matte black paneling, its contrast softened by the addition of wood elements and brilliant turquoise tones. Its furniture gains its character through a sense of natural simplicity – yet the result looks bold as can be. Looking for a way to explore an adventurous decor theme without going over the top? The U.S.S. Home definitely has plenty of inspiration to offer.

The living room makes an immediate impression with a playful vibe brought to life with colorful accessories, fun poufs, and a modular coffee table set. Its layout is open and free yet divided in a practical way.

Turquoise hues play an important role throughout the home. The rug is the most obvious example – it even includes the copper and green accents found in especially beautiful samples of the natural stone.

It’s a shared space, but smartly divided through clever color blocking techniques.

Impossible to overlook, the chandelier serves as an energetic focal point. Designed by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Caglar in 2005, this fixture is becoming quite an iconic piece.

Also very creative, the bench seating near the window occupies a recess framed by ample storage hidden in matte black drawers and cabinets.

Low furniture proves to be practical choice to prevent obstruction of the urban view.

Olive green accents continue throughout the divider wall, throw pillows, and the kitchen herb garden.

Did you notice the office peeking out through the green divider? We’ll examine that space in detail a little later in the tour.

Framed in black, the kitchen almost seems to have a stage-like quality that firmly draws the eye toward it.

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