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120 Square Meters Industrial Style Residential

Posted on May 07 2018

120 Square Meters Industrial Style Residential

Minimalistism always gives people a feeling of leisure and laziness. If you want to inject some distinctive fashion sense into your living space, bold and frantic industrial style will be a major feature of your home.


Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, human life has no shortage of metal articles of daily use, such as floor lamps here, boxes placed on the ground, and metal suspended ceilings.

The decoration of many green plants in the living room adds a touch of life.

The brick wall replaces the monotonous stucco wall and the interior presents an old visual effect.


Industrial style furniture often has woody traces. The green wooden leather chair echoes the surrounding greenery. The old dining table made of chilled metal materials and wood retains the temperature in the home, and the wrought iron chandeliers seem to have been typical examples.

Adjacent to the dining room and the kitchen, pushing and sliding doors save space.


The master bedroom is warm and simple. The background wall is decorated with a soft bag to increase the comfort texture.

Written by Sarah Ling

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