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Brand Spotlight: Foscarini Icons

Posted on October 28 2015

Brand Spotlight: Foscarini Icons

The Foscarini brand was founded on the island of Murano, Venice, in the early eighties. Each Foscarini model or configuration has a history and identity, and shares a brand’s passion for innovation, attention to detail, and design quality. Many of the Foscarini models have already been described as “classic, timeless pieces” and “style and modern design icons”. Foscarini is a technological and creative workshop that, in collaboration with world-renowned designers conceives, develops and produces not just lamps but pure emotions.

Big Bang Chandelier

Big Bang Chandelier by Foscarini

The apparently casual pattern with which the composition of irregular planes creates a volume around the light source, determines the dynamic character of the whimsical Big Bang chandelier. Now available in the LED version, the strong personality of the Big Bang recalls the energy of the primordial explosion, which remains unchanged, in all its power and balanced shapes.

Caboche Chandelier

Caboche Chandelier by Foscarini

Resulting from the desire to create a precious and charming light, accommodated with a focus on light weight and transparency thanks to the use of polymethylmetacrylate, Caboche has now become an icon in the world of lighting and design. The luminous effect of this lamp, which is distinguished by a mosaic of refractions, confirms its magical appeal.

Aplomb Suspension Lamp

Aplomb Suspension Lamp by Foscarini

Visible concrete is part of the expressive language of modern architecture and Aplomb introduces a model that uses this material with a spirit and technology that is entirely original. This fixture challenges to create an incredible leap of scale: from large architectural constructions to a little suspension lamp, using a material that is so inflexible.

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