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This Heartwarming Holiday Collab Is the Cutest Way to Celebrate Cats Today

Posted on October 30 2015

This Heartwarming Holiday Collab Is the Cutest Way to Celebrate Cats Today

We all have the tendency to get a little obsessed with our pets. Whether it’s turning them into a unicorn for Halloween, over sharing photos on Instagram, crafting homemade kitty treats or picking the most dog-friendly places to live , pampering those BFFs is just one of the ways we try to repay them for their unconditional love. At the end of October, the internet blows up with even more cat videos than usual in honor of National Cat day; spoil your fur baby (feline or otherwise) a little more by buying them a beer, considering pet adoption or by checking out West Elm’s new series of holiday products that support the ASPCA.

West Elm really went to the experts with this collab: the cats and dogs of Instagram. Using six Insta-famous pet as inspiration, they came up with a selection of cuter-than-cute tea towels and felt holiday ornaments. Each piece features an Instagram pet including Cookie, Kokoro + Chibi, Hamilton The Hipster Cat, Nala Cat and Manny The Frenchie. And no, you won’t be able to choose just one.

If you want to help out even more, put November 5 on your calendar and haul your furry sidekick to any participating West Elm store from 6-8pm to get a picture taken (and maybe sneak in a bit more holiday shopping). 

Will you be picking up one of these uber-cute towels or ornaments? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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