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Friday Fun: Brass Spotlight Manicure

Posted on November 03 2015

Friday Fun: Brass Spotlight Manicure

Do you love gold but don’t feel like wearing it every day? Prefer cold tones instead but still admire the richness of warm, sophisticated gold undertones? You’re not alone! I’m right there too, so finding a solution for this problem was my quest during the past couple of weeks.

And, of course, the answer was quite simple: a nail art, featuring gold and brass tones! Being inspired by all the beautiful items listed on cheerhuzz.com and seeing all the incredible talent my coworkers put into the Brass Spotlight page, I decided to create a nail art version of that feature page.

Brass lighting inspired manicure.

To achieve the tarnished brass look, you will need:

  1. A base and a top coat
  2. Slate grey (preferably, with green undertones) polish – China Glaze in Out Like a Light
  3. Gold polish (which doubles as Brass, when paired with darker shades) – Essie in Good as Gold.
  1. First, apply a base coat and let it dry.
  2. Moving from one nail to another, one at a time, apply one thick layer of dark grey polish and immediately start placing random gold drops across the nail surface.*
  3. Allow all layers to dry really well (otherwise, the pattern may bleed!) and apply your favorite top coat.
* tips for the best gold dots. Make sure that you are dropping the gold dots while the grey polish is wet. This wet on wet technique allows the gold dots to spread naturally. Also, because of this, the amount of polish you drop will determine how big the dot is, meaning more polish on the brush = bigger dots, less polish = small dots. 
Finished brass lighting manicure
Enjoy this easy and fun three-step manicure! It lasts long and goes with EVERYTHING. During the summer brass is everywhere, so this design will keep your nails up to date!

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