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Friday Fun: Gold LED Table Lamp Nail Art

Posted on November 04 2015

Friday Fun: Gold LED Table Lamp Nail Art

During my last visit to the beautiful public library in San Francisco’s Civic Center, I couldn’t help but look around and notice the lighting fixtures displayed all around the six-story building. What can I say, it comes with the job! Even though I didn’t see any of our products, I did see an impressive brass table lamp located in the lobby, and immediately thought of the Goldman LED table lamp from FLOS Lighting. Its simple majesty has it all. Needless to say, a nail art project was in order.

Gold Gun Table Lamp inspiration

To recreate the beautiful statement-worthy colors of this lamp, you will need:

  1. A top and base coat
  2. Metallic gold polish (Essie in Good as Gold)
  3. Sage green polish (Wet and Wild in Sage in the City and Sinful Colors in Worn Before)
  4. Gold glitter (Essie in Rock on Top), for the accent nail
  1. First, apply the base coat and, once it’s dry, paint all your nails with a solid gold polish.
  2. Next, using a sage-green striper, draw a curved line at the top of each nail. (This technique is a combination of the reversed French and the half-moon manicures.) Make sure that nail polish and striper colors match, if not, use a thin painter’s brush or a toothpick, dipped into the polish directly to outline the crescent shapes.
  3. After outlining, fill in the base of your nails with the same sage-green and let it dry.
  4. For the accent nail, add some glitter! I only applied it to the base of each ring fingernail to add some dimension and highlight the gold.
  5. Once all the layers are dry, apply the top coat.

Finished Gold LED Manicure
So what do you think of this design? I hope you are inspired to visit the library, or to create your own nail fun.

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