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Brand Spotlight: Tom Dixon Trade Projects

Posted on November 11 2015

Brand Spotlight: Tom Dixon Trade Projects

Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British design brand committed to innovation and renovation of the British furniture industry. The brand is inspired by the unique heritage, eclectic styles and the robust engineering of the British isles. In 2004 Tom Dixon teamed up with Proventus, a Swedish-based company, to establish the Design Research Studio to bring his modern lights to trade professionals. Since then, this partnership brought multiple successful projects to the world, including at: Mondrian Hotel, Eclectic Restaurant, Harrod’s Cafe, McCann Worldgroup, and Dock Kitchen restaurant. Visit Cheerhuzz Trade Program to order your own, custom-made Tom Dixon pieces.

Copper Shade Pendant Light

Copper Shade Pendant Light from Tom Dixon

The famous Mondrian Hotel originally hails from New York. While bringing a bold new energy to London, it blends the style and sophistication of an upscale living with the city’s eclectic vibe. The Copper Shade Pendant Light is a modern lighting star in the hotel’s room interior.

Etch Web Pendant

Etch Web Pendant from Tom Dixon

Another successful experiment in Tom Dixon's long-running exploration of mathematics and geometry. The Tom Dixon Etch Web Pendant features an irregular pentagon pattern repeated 60 times to create an overall sphere and atmospheric angular shadows on surrounding surfaces.

Beat Lights from Tom Dixon

Beat Lights from Tom Dixon

One of Tom Dixon’s most recent finished projects, Harrod’s Cafe in London, is furnished with the latest innovations in brass lighting. The Beat Lights from Tom Dixon captivate visitors’ attention with their magical reflecting qualities, while adding the depth and warmth to the overall design.


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