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A Sleek Minimalist Home, Help Your Interior Inspiration

Posted on July 18 2018

A Sleek Minimalist Home, Help Your Interior Inspiration

A modern homeowner loves things that look for a unique artistic sense. Minimalist design concept, please take away all the extra things. Some hobby decorations and furniture add to their lives to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends and get a refined and seamless look.




This open plan living room looks crowded with furniture. A dark blue sofa, a unique Twiggy curved floor lamp, a black coffee table and leather chair, and a geometric carpet look like this, which form the rest area of this small living room.


Replace the living room chandelier with a floor lamp. This design is suitable for houses that are not very tall.


Simple background wall design, this way does not appear too messy.




The restaurant is simply furnished with a white round dining table and a black dining chair, a fruit bowl and a decorative vase, simply embellished but not boring.




In the kitchen, the smooth floor reflects the natural light of the windows. Industrial-style lighting illuminates the area.




There is not much complicated things in the aisle leading from the entrance to the living room. All the furnishings we can see are just a wall painting, a shoe bench. The lockers here add storage to the living room.


Written by Sarah Ling

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