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A Unique Case In A Flat Project .

Posted on September 22 2017

A Unique Case In A Flat Project .

This family space is located in Chengdu, China. The whole space is very inclusive, the designer will be two sets of units combined to form a large, rare public family space, to a large extent to meet the family members of the emotional exchange, leisure social, parenting and other functions.


Large public storage area, enough to accommodate all home storage. Space design is advocated science and technology, natural, environmental protection, art home lifestyle trends.

Leisure and comfortable modern simple residential, more artwork increases, giving this space a much broader depth. The perfect combination of floor lamp and sofa is the innovative modern way of life, the essence of the house itself to get the best show.


Inspired by the IM Pei design Hong Kong Bank of China, the deconstruction of lines and graphics reorganization of the formation of a unique modern geometric modeling.

The entire room is full of grayscale texture, a variety of subtle colors to the space of the temperament to a new height. Linen texture sofa, Flos fishing lights swaying, the fun of life is probably the case.


Theme bedroom, or lazy, or concise, or fun, or art, cleverly cleverly juxtaposed, the same space texture and visual design, hidden unique vitality and unique aesthetic.

The master bedroom space places more emphasis on the inhabitants' inner and emotional, relaxing whispers and communication. Bed-type profile with elegant temperament, splash ink freehand landscape of the background, leisure time.

The Grasshopper floor lamp can be comfortably adapted to chic bedroom.

 Juvenile private space. Wise dark blue-based, by the genius designer Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec designed Aim streamlined chandeliers reveal infinite modern art sense. And the background of a world map enough to the boy's inner independence and freedom of expression.

Written by Sarah Ling




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