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CHEERHUZZ favorite inspiration collection!

Posted on November 26 2017

CHEERHUZZ favorite inspiration collection!


Interior combo sofas and textured gray carpets create a welcoming, cozy space atmosphere; the wall shelves, decorative paintings and Tom Dixon  lighting illuminate a work of art. Being the heart of the entire apartment, the spacious living room drowned in natural light is a real entertaining environment as it not only reaps contemporary luxury interiors but also perfect balance of detail and custom design!


The restaurant's design is unique. Metallic Y-chandelier, rectangular black dining table, black and white striped carpet and copper chandelier overhead, elegant and stylish atmosphere. Sunshine just afternoon, you and your friends here to read and talk.


Designers make cooking a pleasure. Although we can not grasp the length of our life, we can extend the breadth and depth of our life. Cooking under the light  while enjoying the night view of the out-of-town city is bound to be a pleasant thing.


The master bedroom has always been the designer's direction of hard work, inspired by the luxury boutique hotel, with a soft and elegant design of the atmosphere. A spacious rooftop terrace with 360 ° city views all day offers the owner a great place to sleep and think.
Second bedroom space comfortable. Sky blue decorative bedside plus two stylish, simple bedside lamp.
Written by Sarah Ling

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