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Color Industrial Style Life!

Posted on March 07 2018

Color Industrial Style Life!

Industrial style is a big topic. Many people like the rude madness of industrial style, and they long for a free and easy home life. Comfortable space mixed with free youthful colors.


Most of the furniture style iron and wood mix and match, both to retain the home temperature and there is a wild feeling.

The home improvement in the living room is simple and bright. Furniture more emphasis on practicality.


White dining table made of metal and wood, Splugen Brau pendant highlights the restaurant's personality.


Kitchen interior is old and modern visual effects, white brick cracks in the wall presents a chic light level.


The bed in the bedroom is just a soft mattress plus a very distinctive bedside lamp.

The space is bright and youthful due to the combination of white and green. Fashionable taste lies in the Parentesi suspension light.

Written by Sarah Ling

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