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Create An Exquisite Blue Home

Posted on July 12 2018

Create An Exquisite Blue Home

Creating a beautiful home with one color is not as easy as imagined. Blue is imperative in this home, and the shape of furniture and accessories is influential, and they will bear enormous responsibility to make this space artistic and aesthetic. Don't worry, the challenge is worth rewarding. This modern apartment may not be big enough, but it is enough to create a warm haven for everyone to yearn for.




The living room furniture layout is clearly organized. The bold and stylish mix of colors adds a sense of sophistication and warmth to the minimalist aesthetics we know and appreciate. The interior ceiling lights are designed with gorgeous swan-like chandeliers that are visually unconstrained.


The bold blue fabric sofa in the room is the main resting place, and the inspiring large floor-to-ceiling windows offer plenty of natural light through the blue curtains. There are also huge wooden floor lamps, yes, we don't have to worry about the light in this space.




The open guest restaurant is not unexpected. The blue seat and the wood-coloured bench are designed to give us more creativity, and the large 3D murals on the walls give the table a unique taste.




The balcony is always an excellent place to relax in our lives, tables and chairs are an indispensable part.




The bedroom has a storage function. The quilt's blue is equally pure.

Written by Sarah Ling

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