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Different Styles of Mixed Design in Beijing Grand Courtyard!

Posted on April 18 2018

Different Styles of Mixed Design in Beijing Grand Courtyard!

In terms of color, the design of the living room inherits the traditional Japanese, European, and modern styles of design, cleverly embodying three different design styles. In the choice of decoration, to abandon the luxury decorations, with a simple decoration to the room to add some warm temperatures. Under the illumination of lamps, the combination of classical and modern atmosphere is more perfect.


Every object in the living room is decorated with wooden items and it looks simple and practical.


The restaurant's background wall was made of several storage racks made of wood, used to place red wine and wine glasses. The chandelier here uses wrought iron geometry.


Even if the walls of the bathroom cannot use wood, light-colored tiles and wood-colored sink cabinets make the bathroom more comfortable and warm.


The second floor master bedroom is a European style that is very different from the living room and dining room. Luxurious crystal lamps highlight the elegance of European style.

The design of the second master bedroom floor conforms to the young people's living habits, and the modern balcony design is also practical.

Written by Sarah Ling

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