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Home Design in China

Posted on April 11 2018

Home Design in China


The tone of the space is clearly structured. Designers use elements such as wood finishes and khaki backgrounds to create smooth living room layouts. The living room is exquisite and warm. It is not the usual large chandelier, the corner of the living room is decorated with a mini 14 Series Single pendant lamp.

The livingroom uses a pure white feather carpet to separate the elegant areas. Delicate leather sofas, nostalgic pillows, black coffee table, white pottery artwork... The details are rich and not monotonous.

TV wall closet design expands storage space.


Designers are obviously good at using the classic "black and white", black base, white tabletop, black hollow shape ornaments, semi-empty Spinning pendant lamp.

The two vases on the right corner of the restaurant are also "black and white" combinations.


The open kitchen design is full of modernity.


Bathrooms use glass and mirrors combined with light palettes to create space illusions. Natural wood cabinets and marble countertops reflect the classics of natural materials.


The double-sided window design gives the bedroom excellent light. The bedside design of the desk eliminates the need for bedside cabinets, and the wooden floor lamp adds a moment of tranquility to the space.

Children's room

White and pink combined girl room. Exquisite desks, layered wall storage provide a spacious learning space.

The layout of boy room and girl room is roughly the same, the obvious difference is that the auxiliary color is changed to lake blue. Blue symbolizes the sky and the sea, it symbolizes the boy's free imagination and free space for growth.

Piano room

The closed piano room ensures soundproofing, and the wood-grained wall tiles make the room close to the natural ecology and form a harmonious and quiet space.

Written by Sarah Ling

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