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How do you choose the lighting of your living room?

Posted on August 27 2017

How do you choose the lighting of your living room?

Special lights, will bring a different mood.

We bought a house, the decoration of the new house must be pleasing to the eye. Wall brush on their favorite colors, beautiful atmosphere of the living room, exquisite sofa, warm bedroom ... when these are done, the next is the light of the problem. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of lighting, different colors of light will affect our mood, different lighting design reflects the home style.

And I think the living room lighting is the night sky the most shining star, in the dark for our lives to bring light, choose a suitable living room lights, as if to home decorated a beautiful works of art.

Next, we will introduce several popular in the Cheerhuzz living room lights, hoping to let you get home inspiration!

Do you want Dandelion to open in your house?

You don’t have to go out at night, the living room can see the shining stars! - The Raimond LED Suspension

Tom Dickson's Beat chandelier , in the modern living room, at CHEERHUZZ, always popular.

Scandinavian design - white rattan ball light living room.

Tom Dixon's design furniture is charming - The Etch Pendant

The Mouille One-Arm Floor Lamp is perfectly matched with the sofa

Written by Sarah Ling

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