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Inspiring Minimalist Interior Design

Posted on July 26 2018

Inspiring Minimalist Interior Design

Modern minimalism is simple and functional, and the style emphasizes the singularity and abstraction of the interior space and the objects. Modern minimalist style, no doubt, all the details look very simple. The decorative area is small, but in terms of color and layout, the choice and matching of materials plays a crucial role. The design of the 107-square-meter three-bedroom design may bring you inspiration. The designer uses simple and clear lines to reasonably separate the space.




The living room is a multi-purpose space, it is the center of life. By setting up these furniture, it creates a stable area that meets your needs in the space provided. From here we can see the large Dear Ingo chandelier, boldly draped over the ceiling, yes, it is wild.


The modern atmosphere of this small open design makes us awe. This space structure is designed to enjoy the garden and scenery outside the window in the best position and to create a stable atmosphere.




Usually the core of the bedroom design is bedding and wardrobes. Other furniture and decorations don't have to be complicated, such as simple decorative wall paintings and AJ lighting effects.


The lighting in the bedroom should be adjustable, as some people prefer to fall asleep under dim lighting, while others read under soft lighting.


Written by Sarah Ling

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