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Interior Decoration | 162 Square Meters Minimalist Industrial Style

Posted on March 21 2018

Interior Decoration | 162 Square Meters Minimalist Industrial Style

Comprehensive consideration of the living environment design experience, the characteristics of the building and many other factors eventually achieved a relatively balanced result. The design of the living space ultimately serves the owner of the home and creates a comfortable place based on the owner’s favorite foundation. The designer creates a modern industrial style that suits the owner.


The layout of this initial space is very good. There are windows on the south and north sides, which are airy and light-transmitting. The designer made some minor changes to the original plane of the building during the design process. He cancelled the open garden of the home and made a walk-in cloakroom, dividing the space into the room for use.

The industrial style is icy, and the use of a warm light source allows space to reduce cold and darkness. The pursuit of fashion and comfort in the interior decoration of all things, first of all need some appropriate artwork to reflect the owner's life mood and mentality. Some simple furnishings, some unique industrial style lamps and unified hue and styling paintings enhance the texture of industrial winds.

The background of the TV wall surface is the simplest color block face, and a dark storage next to it cuts off both sides of the space to facilitate walking with the balcony. The rough texture of the linen curtains caters to industrial winds and creates a collision with a light gray background. There is a rule of symmetry between brightness and grayscale. The bubble lamp of Lindsey Adelman is exquisite in this living room.


The restaurant weakens the background. Diamond Iron Chandelier, dark ornaments on the walls, and some pleasing pendants and bottles of things, they are mainly used for decorations and use, occupying a relatively small area to beautify the indoor role.


The balcony is a very important leisure area that returns to the center of life.


The bedroom area is divided into master bedroom, parents room, and kids room. The master bedroom plans the space in blocks and has a bathroom inside. The TV is surrounded by lockers around it. The Lindsey Adelman Agnes Pendant is an elegant design.

Written by Sarah Ling

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