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INTERIOR INSPIRATION: a family of three comfortable living!

Posted on November 03 2017

INTERIOR INSPIRATION: a family of three comfortable living!

In this family, the modern style of the room does not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, and focus on different from other residential decorative works of art.


Low-key luxury living room layout does not seem monotonous, compact furniture does not give people the feeling of messy, wallpaper, floor lighting and sofa with the harmony.


 Restaurant area open design. Simple black table highlight the warmth.


Bedroom space emphasizes the sheer elegance of modernity while showing deep aesthetic concepts.

Bedroom background with a geometric pattern murals, simple black bed with white minimalist symmetrical bedside lamp.

The second room features a vanity directly to the interior.

Children's room

Pink-based room to achieve girl's princess dream! Lovely dolls big collection! Geometric pendants  also choose bright colors.


Written by Sarah Ling


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