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Interior Renovation|120 Square Meters Modern Minimalist

Posted on March 14 2018

Interior Renovation|120 Square Meters Modern Minimalist

The small footprint of the home will benefit from the feeling of balance and calm that this interior style brings in its smooth textures, crisp geometrics, chic lighting, fashion accessories...


In the hustle and bustle of the city, we always want to pursue a kind of ease or calm. For home, we often want to be simple and full of stories.

The owner of this family wants his home to look simple but functional. The Raimond LED suspension has the effect of a starry sky at night.

The shape of the suspended ceiling is designed for the body of the beam, and the simple shape of several false beams makes the space variability. The luxurious visual texture of the Caboche suspension system on both sides separates the area beautifully.

The neat wooden storage cabinets are arranged in a regular "L" pattern.


Large white walls, simple decorative paintings, unique Raimond LED lighting, and stable and comfortable sofa chairs constitute the unique design language of this space.


The marble bar can be used for breakfast, but it can also be used when friends gather.


The bathroom uses Italian woodgrain grey marble as the main material. While improving the brightness, it will not be too cold due to all-white.


The setting of the bedroom seems to be a simple design, but there is no lack of comfort.

Written by Sarah Ling

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