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Luxury Quality Home Experience

Posted on January 04 2018

Luxury Quality Home Experience

What Minimalism advocates is the complete relaxation of an increasingly busy life through flowing lines, textured materials and overall coordination. The minimalist decor, concise and pure, transforms the spiritual spaces that transform the mind of the people, regardless of the scale and size of your apartment or interior space.


Living room through the furniture, ceiling, floor materials, decorations and even light changes to express the division of different functional spaces.


Wooden dining tables and chairs, antler  lighting cleverly create a harmonious atmosphere of dining.



Metal is the product of an industrialized society. A variety of different shapes of metal lamps, are representative of the modern minimalist style products.

 Study Room


Bedroom gives the feeling of unconstrained. Designers emphasize functional design, simple and smooth lines, sharp contrast in color. Extensive use of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as ancillary materials.

Simple style, decoration is the key. For example, the sofa needs cushions, table need table cloth, bed need curtains and bedside lamps .


Cloakroom can be placed on the side of the bedroom, it does not need to take up too much interior space. Agnes  is an elegant design that is best placed here.

Written by Sarah Ling

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