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Modern interior inspiration: from complexity to minimalism

Posted on November 25 2017

Modern interior inspiration: from complexity to minimalism

The family's decoration pursues minimalism. The so-called minimalist, that is, from colorful to colorless, from complex to simple, from noisy to quiet.


Almost all of the walls are flat, simple, just through the paint, mechanism effects and line processing to make the space appear rich and vivid. AJ desk lamp stand on the table in the distance.


Minimalist life is not a restricted, monotonous life. Open kitchen design, bar as a place to eat, the Caravaggio Pendant help the dining atmosphere, is not more free than the traditional kitchen restaurant it?

Study room

You need to feel the peace brought to you by minimalism.


Windows, wall cabinets, desks integrated design, the wall play the greatest efficiency.

Adjustable long arm wall lamps provide the main light for this bedroom.


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