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One Natural Wood Style Interior

Posted on June 27 2018

One Natural Wood Style Interior

Young, active, practical and rustic. The modern minimalist neutral style makes the interior decoration neat and fresh, but how to bring the warm wooden material into the simple and neutral style? What I would like to show is that the interior of fashion sense must use the most rustic, environmentally friendly materials such as wood, cotton and linen to make a large area of decoration.




The wooden environment helps to visually separate the rest of the open living space. The main role of living space is wood, and some linen and stone are closer to nature. A variety of white additions provide a more casual and neat appearance. At the same time reduce the harmful substances in the space, which is to achieve the combination of environmental protection and aesthetics. A special MODO black smoked glass chandelier is here to provide the lighting task.







A contemporary wood and white dining table chair combination fills the dining area of the home. Just to break the monotony of space. The restaurant uses the kitchen cabinet in the form of a bar to enhance the texture, and the bar displays in an irregular shape. The Semi pendant is both a funnel and a vortex that provides light and atmosphere during the meal.






The bedroom is simple and generous. One side of the wood bedside table is not only designed to match the nightstands on both sides, it also serves as the role of the table. The pillows of the starry sky and ink jet pattern provide different colors and personality for this bedroom.


The second bedroom meets as much as possible the versatile storage conditions. The Japanese-style "tatami" bedroom design looks so special and amazing.

Written by Sarah Ling


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