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Original Ecological Green Home Decoration

Posted on May 31 2018

Original Ecological Green Home Decoration

Green is the most essential color of nature, fresh and natural, original ecology. In modern urban life, having a pure green ocean home is almost an illusion, so using green as the decorative color of the family space has become a choice for many people. The case shared today is a modern three-bedroom apartment measuring 95 square meters. The use of green in the space not only creates a natural and healthy home, but also a beautiful memory of green love.




Turkish blue sofas and frescoes on the walls are dancing together. The green wall tells us a romantic love story. The classic MODO hanging light is the best witness.


The breeze gently blows the tulle. The sun shines through the tulle and shines through the room. The beige carpet echoes the color of the room.



The night is fascinating and the stars are shining. Happiness is just like flowers. It blooms in every corner of the home.



The white dining chair works perfectly with the brown table, and the flowers are blooming on a pale green background wall.


Study room

The comfort of the study room is also our inner need. The lighting plays an important role. In addition to the lighting of the chandeliers, the companionship of the table lamps is also indispensable.



Below the geometrically shaped chandeliers is a stripe-shaped headboard and backrest, with a modern feel created by simple lines.


The light green bedding under the crystal lamps, the frescoes on the bedside, the light green curtains and everything in the room are so harmonious. The two goose yellow ornaments on the bedside table are also in love.


Written by Sarah Ling

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