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Pastoral style is what kind of home design?

Posted on December 19 2017

Pastoral style is what kind of home design?

American pastoral style is also known as the American country style, it belongs to the natural style, advocate "return to nature." Pastoral style respected nature in aesthetics, combined with the natural, in the indoor furniture environment showed breeze, sun, flowers and birds of the pastoral life.


The living room to choose bird ornaments  shape close to nature. Dark floors, white ceiling, light and dark furniture complement each other, green plants and flowers, lace decorative curtains. Display cabinets at the end of the hallway are built-in cabinets that take up the bathroom's location.

 Cloth sofa is definitely the most intimate furniture set.

TV cabinet set beautiful and practical as a whole, there is a lot of storage space.

Cloth of the lampshade, classical lines lamp holder, dark green antique, color and background wall consistent.


Above the table is a rustic bird lighting , two little pigeons naive.

The sun shines through the lace curtain, Garfield domineering stare.


Master bedroom balcony put a light green chair, accompanied by warm light, read a book or enjoy the moonlight outside the window.


Bedroom as a private space, warm layout, focusing on its functionality and practical comfort.

Large chandeliers bronze, simple and elegant, the shape of the bedside lamp and wallpaper each other.

 Open bedroom and balcony design more spacious!

Written by Sarah Ling

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