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Simple And Warm Home Style

Posted on December 04 2017

Simple And Warm Home Style

Art is the focus of modern interior decoration, and simple and practical and multi-functional settings are basic needs.Here, designers use some exquisite artwork to embellish the beauty of space.


Personalized chandeliers and wooden coffee table design, colorful cushions, abstract lamps and other exquisite handicrafts. The showcases and TV cabinets on both sides of the couch provide items storage in the living area.

Aspen  wooden table lamp and wooden table corresponding.


In addition to family members dining, the designer also gives the restaurant a powerful storage function.

Natural wooden dining table with black and white dining chair, elegant and dynamic co-exist.


The designer carefully designed the afternoon tea function window. Symmetric bedside is still AJ lamp to provide bedroom light.

Written by Sarah Ling

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