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  • Simple home and decoration

    Posted on May 08 2020

      The happiness of everyone is not complicated, we are all simple and happy, just like the simple furniture placed at home, real and warm.   Wood is a symbol...

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  • Modern minimalist interior space

    Posted on April 29 2020

      Against the backdrop of the river view outside the window, walnut and gray collide softly, the planes and lines interlace, and the space is full of layers. "This is...

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  • Exquisite bedroom and decoration

    Posted on April 16 2020

      The Grasshopper Floor Lamp by Gubi was first produced in 1947. It was designed by Greta Grossman: "The tubular steel tripod stand is tilted backward and the elongated aluminium conical...

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  • Bedroom-a comfortable place to relieve fatigue after work

    Posted on April 09 2020

      Each bedroom is a resting place for tired souls, to get rid of the fatigue of work, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, at this moment...

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  • Exquisite living room case

    Posted on April 02 2020

      The living room is the core of a room, and the living room only needs exquisite artwork to decorate. Take a look at the case together.   Seven golden...

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  • Living room decoration plan

    Posted on March 25 2020

      Home objects can reflect a person's taste. A good living room makes people feel happy. You just need these decorations to fill your living room.   Inspired by the...

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