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  • IKEA Art Tour !

    Posted on January 18 2018

    Collision of colors is the embodiment of collision of ideas. Finding the collision of different colors in a simple style is not a small challenge. IKEA style is worth trying...

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  • Is this IKEA style you want?

    Posted on November 18 2017

    IKEA style is simple, fresh and natural. This three-bedroom, 108-square-meter space preserves the most original practicality and simplicity of the IKEA style by adding elements that are not found in...

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  • The IKEA MASKROS LIGHT, designed by Marcus Arvonen. PL91

    Posted on September 18 2016

    MARCUS ARVONEN, has done a carpenter, cabinet maker, etc., to obtain a master's degree at the Helsinki University of Art and Design.In 2009, IKEA launched the product on the theme...

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