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The Anglepoise Giant 1227 Floor Lamp, designed by George Carwardine. FL14

Posted on September 28 2016

The Anglepoise Giant 1227 Floor Lamp, designed by George Carwardine. FL14

The English automotive engineer George Carwardine designed the "Anglepoise", a desk lamp, around 1930 and had its innovative construction patented in 1932. The shade is fastened to a long arm, which is jointed in two places. This construction not only makes the lampshade adjustable but also enables users to position the entire lamp in different ways, depending on what source of light is needed. The equilibrium of forces is achieved in all positions to which the lamp can be adjusted by springs, which function on the principle of the muscles in the human arm.

The Anglepoise® Giant 1227™ Floor Lamp is a larger-than-life, triple-scale version of the iconic Anglepoise® Original1227™ desk lamp, designed by George Carwardine in 1934. First produced as a one-off commission for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre as a humorous reference to the beloved Anglepoise® lamp that Dahl used in his writing hut, due to public demand the Giant1227™ went into volume production in 2004. Now available in a stunning range of colours and with a coordinating pendant lamp, the Anglepoise® Giant1227™ Collection introduces playful, individual style into any interior space.


A perfect, attractive and serene environment is a function of its lightning, presence of standing lamps in a room adds a charming colour to the room. And when you think to decorate using Giant Lamps, this will add natural beauty to the room when positioned at the corner or edge of the room especially in a newly painted room. Unparalleled range of practical, energy-saving lamp tasks, ideal for home and commercial interiors.

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