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The Flos Chasen S2 Suspension, Designed by Patricia Urquiola.PL335

Posted on October 30 2016

The Flos Chasen S2 Suspension, Designed by Patricia Urquiola.PL335
Born in Oviedo, Patricia Urquiola attended the Madrid Polytechnic and the Milan Polytechnic Universities where she graduated in 1989 with Achille Castiglioni as her supervisor of whom she was assistant at the Milan Polytechnic from 1990 to 1992. She has worked with many great talents and a plethora of companies worldwide. This brilliant Spanish architect is a phenomenon not to be lost sight of.

Chasen is a suspension lamp providing diffused light. It is made from a chemically photo-etched stainless steel body and borosilicate diffuser with liquid paint protection. It features a die-cast aluminum base and a 30% fiberglass-reinforced polyamide ceiling rose attached to a pressed and galvanized steel ceiling fixture. The light emission of Chasen can be adjusted by means of a mechanical movement that opens the louvers, thereby varying the shape of the luminaire.

No matter how the home is the style of the living room and the basic pattern of the restaurant will not change, but often have some special furniture, filled with the home only a warm and comfortable feeling. The Chasen S2 Suspension, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is an inspiring chandelier. Special lighting will give you and your family a warmer ambience. It is beautiful, I guess you will like it.

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