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The Flos Model 2097/50 Chandelier, designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1958. D75

Posted on October 23 2016

The Flos Model 2097/50 Chandelier, designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1958. D75

Italian designer Gino Sarfatti had no formal training, bringing an experimental philosophy to lighting design. His fearless, hands-on approach was driven by a desire to understand the process by which things were made, and allowed him to invent new typologies from top to bottom, including manufacturing. Sarfatti established the company Arteluce, acquired by FLOS in 1973, under which he produced over 400 lighting designs. This enormous body of work is naturally incredibly varied, yet features a unifying consideration for simplicity of form. Even deceptively intricate designs like the 2097 chandelier are at their heart comprised of simple, recognizable shapes.

Made in Italy by Flos. The Model 2097 30 suspension light is a luminous modern chandelier that transforms a space and infuses inspiration and depth. This lamp features 30 bulbs arranged around a steel tube and held in place by chromium-plated horizontal arms. In contrast to the strong horizontal and vertical lines, the electrical wires gently curve from each lamp to the stem, and give this modern icon a hint of traditional chandelier elegance. The Model is suspended by a steel cable and canopy and includes 8 ft. of field-cuttable cord.

Modern minimalist style decoration more and more popular with young people, we prefer a quiet, peaceful, bright and spacious and comfortable look at home, to eliminate the work of fatigue. The Mod.2097 chandelier is an ultra-modern representation of the classic mid-century traditional chandelier. Gino Sarfatti is known for his contribution to the modern architectural movement in lighting. The Mod. 2097 chandelier pendant light is a great example of his utilitarianism and His overall obsession of creating humble yet incredibly effective pieces of lighting.

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