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The Foscarini Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp, Designed by Marc Sadler. FL17

Posted on August 28 2016

The Foscarini Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp, Designed by Marc Sadler. FL17

French citizen born in Austria, Marc Sadler currently lives in Milan. Experimentation with plastics has often formed a key part of his acivity. He already showed a strong curiosity for the subject choosing it for his thesis at ENSAD in Paris. Citizen of the world (he has lived and worked for many years in Europe, North America and Asia), he is a consultant for companies in the fields of home furnishings, large and small household appliances, lighting, technically advanced products, and sports.his work has won many international design awards over the years.



The Twiggy Floor Lamp is characterized by a thin, elegant and sophisticated design. Flexibility is the word for Twiggy; flexibility of the material which defines the ample and essential curve of the arm that carries the light source far from the base, in the possibility of adjusting the height of the shade thanks to a system of counterweights, and in the possibility of adjusting the length of the arm with a set of extensions. In addition to classic Twiggy colors — black, white, and red, Twiggy is now available in indigo and grey. Made from a compound material with a fiberglass base. Bottom diffuser shields direct view of lamps. Select from incandescent or energy efficient LED lamping. Shown in indigo.



Twiggy Floor Lamp. The lamp is whimsical and intriguing, it uses a counter-weight principal to balance the shade with but the merest support of its ultra-thin disc-shaped base. A long, lithe, and lovely stem connects the two, as it establishes the central feature: resembling an elongated tree branch, the stem gives the piece its character while likewise explaining the name.  Users may choose between LEDs, traditional incandescent, and halogen formats.

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