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The IKEA MASKROS LIGHT, designed by Marcus Arvonen. PL91

Posted on September 18 2016

The IKEA MASKROS LIGHT, designed by Marcus Arvonen. PL91

MARCUS ARVONEN, has done a carpenter, cabinet maker, etc., to obtain a master's degree at the Helsinki University of Art and Design.In 2009, IKEA launched the product on the theme "Traditional Scandinavia Scandinavia Sweden fairy tale", to design products with national characteristics, natural elements. One day, MARCUS ARVONEN and his wife for a walk and saw that white velvet dandelion flying in the sky, like a piece of snow, light and poetic, he was attracted by the beauty dandelion, and inspired his inspiration. Under dandelion inspired, MARCUS ARVONEN design dandelion lights will dandelion perfect form and excellent function perfectly together, so that the whole house radiant.

The designer Marcus Arvonen made this pendant light for the ceiling and for the wall, meant it to be hanging like a real dandelion and change the entire aspect of a room with its delicacy. It is supported by a stainless steel arm and all the parts of the shade of made of carefully shaped pieces of paper. It  is a great purchase for your house, especially if it is a bit big in size.


In this room, it was the IKEA PS MASKROS pendant light that looks just like a dandelion in the middle of summer, waiting for a little boy or girl to blow away all its tiny umbrellas in the wind. You can’t possibly imagine how great this looks and the photos are a bit impersonal, but I can tell you this pendant light is amazing. First it impresses you with the great design and after that, as you come closer, you will be impressed by its size and the designer’s attention to details.


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