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The Jeeves Pendant, designed by Jake Phipps. LD002

Posted on September 22 2016

The Jeeves Pendant, designed by Jake Phipps. LD002

Jake Phipps, graduated from John Makepeaces’s furniture design school, Parnam College, in 1999. He began his career as a cabinetmaker, designing and making one-off pieces to commission. In 2005 he set up his own design studio in London, and began concentrating on designing products for larger scale production. With a blend of art, design, humour and invention, his work marries form with function to create emotionally expressive and inspiring objects.

Jeeves pendant light was designed as a playful take on lighting with a real sense of cultural identity. The hat is an object that often associates its wearer with a particular society, heritage, or race. Jeeves and Wooster is a blend of Great British tradition and modern technology. Hand made wool felt hats are lined with an aluminium inner shell. They are named after P.G. Woodhouse's two iconic characters. Wooster, the jovial but empty-headed young gentleman, and Jeeves, his improbably well-informed and talented valet. Fixture includes 5" diameter canopy and 5 feet of cable.

If you want a British icon in your home, office or restaurant, but can not decide which one, have a look at Jeeves & Wooster Pendant Lights. It was warm in the bedroom, in the dining room is a gentleman, in the cloakroom fashion ...... They are fun, dapper, and authentic These tongue-in-cheek pendant lights are classically British - A gentleman's bowler hat (Jeeves lamp) and a top hat (Wooster lamp) The hat lights are lined with anodized gold or silver aluminum, while the outside material is black wool.

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