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The Le Klint 172 Pendant, designed by Poul Christiansen. CM L25.

Posted on November 01 2016

The Le Klint 172 Pendant, designed by Poul Christiansen. CM L25.
Poul Christiansen trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture. He worked in architecture and design for Ib & Jørgen Rasmussen from 1977 to 1986 and founded “Komplot Design” together with Boris Berlin in 1987. Between 1969 and 1987 Poul Christiansen brought innovative and exciting dimensions to Le Klint’s lampshades. Prior to his involvement the shades had been folded in pleats and in straight lines across the pleats. Poul Christiansen discovered that folding in mathematical curves gave the lampshades beautiful and unique sculptural shapes.

The Le Klint 172 Large Pendant by Le Klint and designer Poul Christiansen presents a unique concept from the enterprising Klint family. Assiduous, precise and highly dexterous, the Le Klint Pendants are crafted with color-stabilized antistatic plastic sheeting that is hand folded into elaborate multi-layered and waved forms. The Le Klint 172 Large Pendant is infused with exquisite hand-crafted quality in this modern pendant. The folding in the Le Klint 172 Large Pendant causes the light to change intensity, creating multi-layers of diffused light from the inner fold to the edges.

The Le Klint 172 Pendant from Le Klint is unique mainly due to its bold and stylish shape. The rounded lampshade is especially decorative, and gives every room a pleasant homely atmosphere with its soft glare-free light.  The origami pendant lamps made of plastic allow to be individually adapted to various rooms.

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