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The Marset Discoco Pendant,designed Christophe Mathieu. L28

Posted on September 08 2016

The Marset Discoco Pendant,designed Christophe Mathieu. L28

Christophe Mathieu born in Hamburg in 1961, he graduated in Interior Design from the School of Applied Art and Artistic Trades (la Llotja), in Barcelona, having been on placement in Hamburg collaborating with Nitz, Prash and Sigl Architects. Subsequently, he lived for three years in Milan, where he collaborated with: the architect Marco Zanuso Jr. in the development of products for companies such as De Padova, Menphis and Driade; the architects Roberto Menghi y Giulio Crespi;  the industrial designer Sergio Coppola and the architect Antonio Zanuso in the prize-winning project  for the Piazza della Republica. His time in Milan had a profound effect on him. In 1989, he decided to move to Barcelona where he collaborated with Alfredo Arribas,  Eduard Samsó and Javier Mariscal.

The Discoco Pendant Light by Marset was designed by Christophe Mathieu in 2010.  Attractive and exuberant the Discoco pendant light is by far the ultimate decorative pendant light.  It generates effects and creates subtle light.  The Discoco pendant light creates an elegant and mysterious atmosphere.  Each light consists of 35 opaque disks coated with a bright white lacquerwith injected molded aluminum rods creating a direct and reflective light. Available in white, black-gold, gray and beige.

Apartments have become very modern nowadays and that means they are mainly designed to be practical, not good looking. So there are all these modern and electrical appliances and the cool modern furniture, metallic and chrome plated accessories that make you believe you live in a futuristic society. But all these make our homes look farther and farther from nature. Well, it would be a good idea then to bring a bit of nature into our homes, even if in a stylized form like this Discoco Pendant . This is not just another pendant that you can use in your house, it is beautiful and inspired from nature.

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