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The Moooi Paper Chandelier, designed by Studio Job. D45

Posted on October 27 2016

The Moooi Paper Chandelier, designed by Studio Job. D45

Studio Job is attracting the keen attention of design experts from all around the world, was created in 2000, and is based between Eindhoven and Antwerp. With unceasing creativity and vision, it is a pioneer of contemporary culture and has revolutionized every preconception about art and design. Followers of a Gesamtkunstwerk ideal — a universal synthesis of the arts — they have a lively interest in stories, environments and mythologies. As well as planning work that will contribute to Colombostile’s output, the Dutch duo of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel have created the window of the company’s new flagship store in Milan, and the foyer for its stand at Milan's Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

The Paper Chandelier for Moooi. Did the idea of paper furniture ever strike your mind? Paper, cardboard and papier-mache are familiar to all of us. They bring back memories of kindergarten and our first experiences of making things. Inspired by classic icons but manufactured like modern day furniture, this furniture collection designed by Studio Job is an ode to classical style and to the material. Studio Job created the Paper Chandelier for Moooi in the Netherlands. The Moooi Paper Chandelier by Studio Job will add exquisite character and style to your home.

Luxurious ceiling lighting is a must for these beautiful European-style houses, and sparkling chandeliers make your house look like a fairy tale. Paper chandeliers are perfect for adding as an ideal ceiling fixture. It is not just a ceiling light, but also as a Work of art in the day and night display, for this lounge to add a sense of fashion, even if not used as well. So take it and start making your house a castle!

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