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The Moooi Raimond LED Suspension, designed by Raimond Puts. D5

Posted on September 28 2016

The Moooi Raimond LED Suspension, designed by Raimond Puts. D5

Raimond Puts the Dutch technical engineer and designer of machinery. Always fascinated by science and technology when he graduated from a blacksmith shop. Thirty years ago he began building models of geometric shapes and create interesting models. His experiments were seized brand Moooi, which with the help of studies realized Ox-ID Raimond lamps.

Rooted in the beauty of mathematics, Raimond Puts' Raimond Suspension Light for Moooi is the product of the designer's years of study into the creation of a perfect sphere from a number of triangular shapes. The intricate structure of the lighting fixture transports electrical current to the numerous LED lights. The intricate inner and outer frames are joined at the LED terminals creating an ethereal light fixture. The combination of the formal geometry and the magic of the glowing LEDs results in an ethereal suspension light that creates an atmospheric ambiance. Around each LED is a specially made lens which distributes the warm colored light in all directions. Like looking into the sky above, the lighting fixture is dazzlingly magical.

Who brought the stars into our homes? Made from stainless steel and LED lights, this elegant pendant lights emulate the beauty of a sky full of stars. What makes these pendants so versatile is their light and airy nature. They do not block the space with their presence so they do not Appear to clutter or 'crowd' areas in which they're hung.

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