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The Spinning Pendant Lamp, designed by Benjamin Hubert. PL266

Posted on September 25 2016

The Spinning Pendant Lamp, designed by Benjamin Hubert. PL266

Benjamin Hubert, Born in the UK in 1984, Benjamin Hubert studied Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University and graduated in 2006. The London based studio was founded shortly afterwards in 2007 and specializes in industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors working with international manufacturers across Europe and Asia. The studio works on a diverse range of projects including both mass/batch produced consumer products and limited edition / one off's. Benjamin Hubert has received international critical and media acclaim and has been exhibited internationally. Benjamin has also received a number of prestigious awards including: Design of the year (British Design awards 2010) Best Product (100% design/Blueprint awards 2009) Homes and Gardens Young designer Year (Design Classic awards 2010) and EDIDA International Young Designer of the year 2010.

Remember that spinning top you used to play with as a child Meet the grown-up version. The Spinning Pendant Light was inspired by both the toy and the production process of metal spinning. Benjamin Hubert has combined sexy modern design with classic Nordic aesthetic sensibility. Lathe-spun from aluminum, the Spinning Light retains that sense of movement in its curvature and sleek lacquered profile.

The new era kitchen fresh and clean, and a little retro mean, everything from simple settings, see the natural lines, elegant arc, We present you a new classic of tomorrow from &tradition! The spinning-top toy, a childhood favourite, inspires to the joyful form of the Spinning Light along with the process of metal spinning. Here, form truly meets function in an innovative way. It's sleek, it's sexy and it's sure to become a new classic.

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