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The Vibia Jazz Floor Lamp, designer Diego Fortunato. FL23

Posted on August 28 2016

The Vibia Jazz Floor Lamp, designer Diego Fortunato. FL23

Born in Buenos Aires with Italian ancestry, Diego Fortunato currently lives and works in Barcelona. Initially, the focus of his career was placed on sculpture but he later became involved in the world of industrial design, allowing him to reach a broader public. His furniture and object designs go further than just arbitrary forms but are based upon an original concept. One of his most famous designs is the Diego Fortunato Jazz Floor Lamp. The reproduction of this perfect was to illuminate a bedroom or living room.



The Vibia Jazz floor lamp (1330) designed by Diego Fortunado. Gives an upward flow of light so that the ceiling reflects it. Available in five finishes: gloss red, black and white lacquer and matt mink and white lacquer. Dimmer in the cable.



In this dim lighting space, and mainly black . the white floor lamp highlights the dazzling and bright, elegant arc design eye-opener. Designed by Diego Fortunato, the JAZZ 1330 floor lamp comes in a variety of finishes such as white, black, red but also silver and gold. It’s made of rigid high-density resin and has a slender, curvilinear shape.

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