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This low-key luxury villa in Hong Kong.

Posted on September 08 2017

This low-key luxury villa in Hong Kong.

This inspiring villa is located in Tai Po District, Hong Kong, the designer to meet the customer's storage function of modern fashion pursuit, combined with modern minimalist style, the main use of gray tones, to create a simple personality of the home environment.

The open-plan living room and dining room are designed in gray tones. TV background and restaurant background is made in the form of storage cabinets, the perfect unity of the two backgrounds, form a sense of the whole. And the sofa behind the display cabinet and TV background storage cabinet color consistent, let the space style consistent.

Living room

Living room leather sofa, yellow carpet and pillow, unique lamps ...... these furniture are grouped together, so that the living room more noble, low-key luxury, but also play a role in regulating the visual. The dandelion floor lamp in the middle of the the black sofa and the white loungers, with its unique decorative style to add a little more interesting life.


The highlight of the restaurant In addition to the white carvings in the background, pay more attention to the ceiling above the table, the decor of the lamp using Lindsay Adelman's design,  the bubble chandelier branch has eight smoke glass "bubbles". The charming light of the restaurant gives the overall space a beautiful atmosphere rather than depressed.


Written by Sarah Ling




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