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This style is most suitable for small apartment!

Posted on March 27 2018

This style is most suitable for small apartment!

A large area of natural original wooden furniture is an excellent choice for small apartment interior.


Natural wood floors and TV cabinets create a warm atmosphere. Yellow jewelry lit the entire space, sofa floor lamps and MODO chandeliers highlight the personality style.


Restaurant and living room style unity. The design of the blackboard wall highlights the personality, with the Lindsey Adelman chandelier lighting up the wooden dining table.


Kitchen is clean and elegant, including L-shaped design cabinets.


Bathroom uses low-key gray wall tiles.


Balcony is a combination of living functions and leisure venues.


The high wardrobe of the master bedroom not only fulfills the storage function, but also plays a decorative role.

The second bedroom is designed to be more rich, with simple bookcases that divide the office area.


Written by Sarah Ling

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