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Wooden Home Interior Living Experience

Posted on April 27 2018

Wooden Home Interior Living Experience

The overall space is dominated by white wood, and wood and white are interspersed to create a comfortable atmosphere. End the fatigue of the day and return home to feel the quality of life that the design brings.


Grey sofas and carpets complement each other and are delicate and gentle. Agnes Chandelier corresponds to the same color as floor lamps. The overall tone breaks the Nordic style has always been a feeling of indifference, style fits well with the living room theme.

The selection of natural wood furniture complements the blankness of the TV wall, and the small ornaments on the TV cabinet make the overall picture not monotonous. The existence of green plants is full of vitality.


The viewing angle from the living room to the dining room is full of formality and a good sense of extension. Wooden tables and chairs as well as the Ambit Pendant and the unique wall clock on the wall make this room a clever change.


The design of the kitchen is based on white. The dining cabinets on both sides increase the storage function of the kitchen, and the floor selection is just in line with the disinfection cabinet.


Do you like this style of balcony?


The bedroom is a relaxed and calm environment. The combination of white and wood adds to the warm atmosphere. Wooden furniture and black headboard AJ lamps are intimacy.

Written by Sarah Ling

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