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Young Couple Dream Of Warm Apartment Design.

Posted on September 15 2017

Young Couple Dream Of Warm Apartment Design.

Home can be a big fashion house, it also can be a small warm room, but they are our rest of the safe haven, only home can let us relax, unfettered!

This warm apartment is located in China. The whole space is not big, the designer to function as the main idea to design, so that more than 80 square meters of two-bedroom has more than 30 square meters of large storage space.


The living room looks very spacious. The color of the space design with a large area of gray tone as the main background color, add the yellow and blue to make the whole space bright, especially the yellow sofa. The top of the "spider " chandelier is installed here seems to be coordinated, let the space has a sense of hierarchy, it also add some fun.

It is worth mentioning that the living room clever use of windows designed a white window cabinet, greatly increased storage space, the window cabinet can also be used as a pleasant recreation area for you to read, eat desserts, watch the scenery outside the window, spend the perfect leisure time.


In the corner of the open style, The restaurant consists of Aim Multi-Light pendant  with unique lighting and small wooden dining tables and chairs. But it seems no crowded, creating a warm dinner atmosphere.


Master bedroom with the most simple colors. The special decoration of the bedroom is Cheerhuzz exaggerated iron ceiling lamp  and bedside AJ table lamp . And the entire design to practical functions, all kinds of objects can be stored in the cabinet.

Written by Sarah Ling

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